Light Painting

Did some light painting in the dark with the kiddo tonight, cold, but fun!

Love on a Train

I love the way this train car is rusted and graffiti’d.

It makes me wonder if the artist chose his/her colors to go with the rust or if the rust came after the love.

Beauty is Where You Find It: Seek Rust


Zoom Effect

Exposure:                                             2.5 sec  (25/10)

Aperture:                                             f/32.0

ISO Speed:                                           400

Focal Length:                                       42 mm

Open Spaces

We have a lot of wide open spaces here in Southwest Idaho. I usually do not find this kind of landscape beautiful or photo worthy, but I was recently challenged to take photos of things I see every day and wouldn’t normally shoot…and to make them interesting.

Here are a few of my Open Space Landscape attempts…

Not your Train

Made this from one of my recent train photos, I think this is a sentiment we all need learn and remember. You may Want it to be your train, but sometimes it just isn’t for you…but another one is coming down the tracks.